Misting System to control Mosquitos

Mosquito Control misting system Manufacturer and Supplier in India


Automatic Mosquito Control Mist System with Mist Timer, kill Mosquitoes and Save your Family from Malaria, Dengue, and another disease. Mosquito Misting can be installed around the homes, Pool, Patio, and Outdoor Areas.

ideal for Home, Ranch, party plots, the lake area, Horse barn-stalls, Dairy, Beef, cattle feed, Swine Facilities Anywhere there is Mosquito and flying insect problem Mosquito Control Misting Spray Systems are used for controlling mosquitoes and other irritating creepy crawlies. Mosquito bites are hazardous and can cause life – compromising sicknesses, particularly in the event that you have kids and pets at home. Mosquitoes are famous for making significant issues all over. They come in between whenever we work and ruin long stretches of relaxation time. They can cause extreme skin ailments like red spots and tingle, some can likewise communicate a few hazardous and deadly infections, for example, intestinal sickness, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis, and encephalitis to people and canines. Our completely programmed/manual mosquito clouding framework makes a characteristic pyre thrum fog that is lethal to flying bugs. The framework gives synchronized splashing that uniformly disperses the bug spray over an objective region. The Fly-Mist framework is a lasting framework that is introduced inside your property to control mosquitoes and bloodsuckers. Mosquitoes might just represent the best danger to our well-being. Mosquitoes can communicate West Nile Virus, Malaria, Encephalitis, and numerous other incapacitating infections The system provides fine shower fog of powerful bug spray through a progression of mosquito moistening spouts in and around your property. Our Mosquito Control Misting System can be mounted on any little or enormous drum, contingent upon your necessity. Deal with Multiple Zones: Solitary mosquito moistening units can support a viable limit of around 30 to 40 nozzles. Each nozzle is placed 8 -12 feet apart, which converts into around 500 feet of the secured edge. Our DIY kit comes with easy installation setup procedures.


Milk Dairy Farms
Stud Farms
Goat Farms
Rabbit Farms
Cow &Buffalo farms
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